"This song is country music which I don't really listen to. The artist was a good vocalist and the instruments were actually pretty good. I enjoyed the overall song and the words made a lot of sense to me. I think the artist would go over well with the country music public."
"I am usually not a big country music fan but I enjoyed this song. I thought it had a beautiful texture and melody to it. I thought the singer had a strong voice and he was emotional in the song. The instruments accompanied the vocals nicely without overpowering anything. I liked how the song was relateable to the average listener and one could easily sing along to."
"I like this song's intro. It's simple but a very nice setup to lead into the rest of the song. I love the lyrics of this song the most. I feel very connected to what he is saying in them. They catch and hold your attention normally, but I also find this song really relate-able which is a huge thing for a song to have. The vocals of this song's vocals are really nice. He has a rather typical strong country voice, so it doesn't necessarily stand out from others, but he does a great job of singing tunefully with all the right levels and variations at the correct points. He sounds extremely professional in his style and presentation. The melody does a great job of flowing and lending itself to all the other elements of the song to create an atmosphere and mood for the piece. Awesomely done from start to finish. Wouldn't want to change a thing. I think country fans will enjoy the deep soul-searching feel of this song."
"The organ fits well, with the genre of this song. The style of the vocal, sounds really great from a listeners point of view and is another piece that fits the song very well. I love the vocal harmony at 1:18 and 1:29, this compliments the genre very well. A nice sound. Which the guitar chord, makes a nice addition to the song."
"The opening of this song was reminiscent of elevator music, but the vocalist got me interested as his voice was quite passionate and gentle, as well as engaging. He sounded as if he meant the lyrics he was singing, which was heartwarming. The lyrics were sweet and had a country feel, as if the singer/s were telling a love story, rather than singing about one. The musical accompaniment was good, it wasn't too overpowering, and it blended softly with the vocals. I liked the female vocal addition during the chorus, as it added some originality to the song, and worked well as a folk/country tune. The musical solo was great in the musical structure as it showcased the evident musical talent of the musicians in the song, and the overall arrangement worked superbly. Without a doubt, this track could sell many records commercially, especially within the folk and country charts. With the next to perfect performance quality and production quality, this track could be in the charts and on the radio and I'd be singing along happily. Very impressive!".
"I thought the vocals were soft but at the same time very beautiful. Every note was at the right pitch and tone. I don't usually like this genre but this song was extremely good! The lyrics obviously had a lot of meaning behind them and the artist portrayed the story well through his voice. The song length is about right but it wouldn't hurt it being slightly longer."
"This song oozes country. I would consider changing the introduction just a little though. It's over done and sounds sort of cheap. I think the artist could come up with something that is a little bit more creative.he's got a great country voice though. It's soulful, aged and still holds tune very well. The lyrics are insanely country romance too. He took me along with him as he told the story, which is fantastic. As he builds up to the chorus, he sounds great. It reminded me of a country train. I love that line "to be waiting on the rain". The build up is very nice too. I love the progression of the song is very good. I love how another band member is also singing along. It adds the feeling that others feel the same way. When the song finally hits it's peak the backup vocals in this part are great too. It's almost like more people are telling the tale, you are seeing both sides without actually seeing them both. Usually with the country tracks I can't listen to the whole thing, but this one is just so good I could. The guitar solo is on point, great craftmanship. I like that music break around 2:30. It's very smooth and well executed. Bravo Bravo!"
"This song has a musicality that is very pleasing to the ear. The vocals are solid and the lyrics are pictorial. The instrumentation is stimulating and the song is sang in the perfect key at just the right tone. The harmony is delectable. This song has hip sounds and relatable lyrics along with perfect pitch."
"The lyrics are clear and in line with the message of the song. This will be a commercial success. It is a classic example of country music. The use of instruments were well balanced, from the guitar and the drums it gave this track a huge boost. The singer's strong voice was a perfect match for this track, he held the notes and his timing was excellent. Great harmonies. Well constructed song. Good job!"
"The slow tempo and laid back vocals set the song at a nice initial pace, and the piano adds a nice touch. To be honest it's a little to "country" for me, so it's not my kind of music, but still - I liked it much, much more than most of the country music that I hear. The hook was surprisingly enjoyable, and the song flows through it's three minutes. There should probably be a little more variety in the song though, it seemed a little repetitive at times. The short guitar solo, if you can call it that, helped with switching it up, but maybe throw in some different lyrics or another verse somewhere. From a commercial standpoint, you could market this very well to country fans everywhere - namely in the United States. Not my type of music but also not horrible."
"Peaceful introduction. The vocals are fluid and sound somewhat confident. The mood is sad. Lyrics are original and new, but a but cheesy. Melody can be a bit shapeless sometimes, though. Instrumentals in the background are balanced and complement the vocals nicely."
"This is a great sound. This could be right on the radio the way it is. I loved the melody and beat. The singer has a great voice and I loved the message. The back up singers were supportive of the lead vocal. The guitar makes it a song you can dance to. The piano is a nice touch."
"Song opens with a melancholic vibe and some nice guitar work. Vocals are clean and overall production sounds good. Lyrical content is predictable for a country song but vocals are good quality and piano is a nice addition to the song. Production is smooth and polished and the artist sounds like they have potential."
"I've never been a huge country music fan, I'm not gonna lie. But what's most noticeable to me is the well-done quality of the production and the mix. The lyrics seemed to be well-written and have more meaning and depth than most country songs today. The harmonies sound good, although perhaps used a bit too much in the second verse. Although the chorus is where the vocalist sings "waiting on me," I honestly had a hard time differentiating between what was the verse and what was the chorus. Instead of the chorus being more dynamic, the majority of the song just kinda felt pushed together without any real dynamic moments until towards the end of the song."
"The melody and instrumental was well shaped and melodious and fit very well with the vocals for a distinctive folk song. The vocals were appealing and heartfelt. He sung his lyrics with confidence and was very competent and edgy with his timing! It created a powerful song to listen to. The lyrics were meaningful and clever. The accompaniments were balanced and rich. It was quite engaging and compelling to listen to, overall a catchy and powerful song. In the folk genre this song could be a big hit, as the vocals and beat are very catchy and thought through."
"I like the vocals the most, but the arrangement and the melody is also superb. The lyrics def keep you listening to the song as well. I would love to hear this song played on the radio."
"A solid intro that jumps right into the lyrics, that are very smooth and calming. You can feel the singers emotion throughout. Very good melody that is reminiscent of Tim McGraw. This is a great love song that anyone can relate to."
"I like this song. It's got a very nice rhythm to it. The vocalist has a really nice sexy voice. Whew! Makes me hot listening to him! Wow! He has a really good range and pitch to his voice. His voice harmonizes well with the music and the background singers. The music is pretty cool as well. This track could easily make it to the top of the music charts. Love it!"
"Country music isn't really my taste, but this song is actually pretty good regardless. The singer's voice combined with the instrumentals are really good. The pitch, tempo, and transitions in the song are all well done. I also think the melody was good. I liked the song despite the genre. I listened to the whole thing."
"The lyrics tell a story and could easily relate to the listener which is good. The vocalist has a strong voice and it works well with the backing track. It sounds county and I think this song will sell well in that department of music."