"Song is slow and melodic. Vocalist has a clear, seductive, and expressive voice. The song has a great deal of potential for it to be something strong. Great song. I could easily listen to songs like this all day. It is filled with raw emotion and power. Tempo is just right for this type of song--not too harsh, but not some softened melody. Has a lot of potential to be a hit. I would highly recommend this song to everyone that wants to try something new."
"The vocals were very good becaus they are not simply spoken, but thevoalist is able to drag out the verse in an artistic way. The lyrics go well with the vocals. The chords and the background beat were great. The song production was also excellent because the vocals were in sync with the tune."
"The melody is slow but the lyrics really speak to you. This is a great relaxing song with an interesting story. The chorus mixes well with the song. This could be "rumored" to be the next country hit!"
"first thing to mind: romanticism, sensuality. then i hear hints of country, which is alright. a bit of twearking and this could actually be turned into a pop song, more exposure more targeting of audiences. good lyrics, good voice, good composition. kudos!"
"Her voice has potential, the lyrics are sort of nice. The beats and instruments are so very generic, I feel I've heard this song five times already on the radio, and while it can go up to them, it can't surpass them, in this industry you have to try and stand out a bit to move ahead the competition. I do love her voice though, and the lyrics are on point. It just won't stand out against the heavy hitters on radio, it's a wild card."
"The piano is on this song has refreashing feel. While the vocalist brings in a down home but sensual feel to the lyrics. The beat is fantastic and on time. The underlying guitar blends well with the piano and creates a nice easy tune. This track is very soulful and would do well in both the country and pop genres. I think it has a ton of radio and sales potential. I would buy this."
"I really like this song. The lyrics are beautiful and the music really matches the lyrics. It is a song that I could see people slow dancing to for a wedding or even for prom night. The harmony matched the singer's voice very well. The singer herself has a nice vocal range with a soft voice which is perfect for this song."
"This song has a bad buzz going on during the song. The drums are recorded well and the guitars are two. The organ has a good sound. Lead vocals and backup are good and recorded well. Lyrics need more work. Over all this song has potential, but is it original? No."
"The vocalist is very powerful, but the very first note of the song is really interesting. I can't decide if i like it or not. the guitar seems really mellow, but then the vocalist starts with almost a shrill. OVerall its a powerful song."
"This women has such an amazingly powerful voice. The notes she hits so perfectly it blew my mind. The lyrics are inspiring and moving. I would love to buy this album and see it hit number one on the charts."
"Not a fan of the introduction. It isn't long enough. I don't really like the instrument choice and the vocalists. It goes together, but not great. The vocalists seems to overpower the instruments. I like the harmony though. Not a huge fan of the lyrics though. Well, I guess I am not really paying attention to the lyrics. Song just isn't working for me."
"I initially liked the music when it first came on. I wasn't expecting a girl to start singing. She sounded alot like Carrie Underwood when she first started. Overall the song sounds pretty basic, sounds like alot of songs that are out in this genre already. The singer has a pleasant voice. The lyrics are ok and understandable. I could see it becoming a hit in Country music."
"This song starts out smoothly while the guitar and vocals come together. What I like about this song is that it is a very mellow one full of melody. The lyrics in this song have a bunch of meaning to it as well. I enjoyed listening to this song very much."
"The vocalist has an amazing voice and some really touching lyrics. The music fits the lyrics so well. The intro was fantastic it really hooked me in. The chorus was pretty groundbreaking and made me feel many feels. The artist clearly took time to write some meaningful and touching lyrics. This song is one i could see being a hit for sure. This song would fit perfectly in a large variety of movies."
"This sound beautiful. she has a really good voice and i started to listen immediatly when the song came on. this sounds really romantic and you can feel the love and passion in her voice and the song. Great background intro and background music. this is a song i will have on my ipod and listen to it in my car"
"I like the song, it has a smooth mellow vibe with a country feel to it. I could also see it being a great pop song. The artist has a good voice, with a country feel. This is a nice song for relaxing to at home. The music is very relaxing and and has a good beat."
"I really like the singer's voice, it has great harmony with the guitar which is also beautiful. The lyrics are current and catchy, also send a good message. I can relate to the words, and enjoy the pleasant classic country sound. Just a little too slow in tempo for me, but all in all, really enjoyed this song."
"Guitar is light, and gentle. Country artist with a super nice voice and incredible vocal style! Her lyrics are full of emotion, and she is able to shift through vocal ranges extremely well. Sings from the heart and soul. Is among the best!"
"I really like the slow rhythm to the melody of this song. And the singing sounded amazing. I think that this would be a song that I would like to sing. I think that her voice gets carried with the music just beautifully. I think she is a very passionate singer. The piano and treble and bass were amazing together. This was a great song. It totally should go on the radio sometime soon!"
"I really felt this song and related to it. The rhythm and melody just takes you to another place. The artist has such a transparent and angelic voice. Her vocals were so strong and powerful. The lyrics are something that I can relate to. I loved how the song carried on with that country theme and slow paced. The song was overall was warm hearted."