"The tune is catchy and upbeat. It is easy to follow. The words are pretty easy to understand. I just wasn't that crazy about the introduction into this song and it tends to repeat the lyrics a little too much."
"I liked the start to this track as it made you jump with the headphones but it does make you feel wide awake. With the sound of the storm at the beginning of the track made me feel like it was going to be a more lively track. However, when the artist started singing and when I heard the lyrics to this track, it all makes sense and it very clever. I believe that this artist can and will be successful in the music industry. There isn't anything that I would change to this artist, style of his singing nor this track. The length of this track is just good timing as it is enough time to enjoy this artist track and not too long for the consumer to be bored."
"I liked this song, because it combined elements of country music and a rock song. I am not a big country music fan but I do like rock. I liked the instruments because they combined both elements well. I especially liked the progression of the guitar and drums near the ending of the song. It had a nice development. My only suggestion would be to cut the length of the song."
"The introduction is dramatic and full of curiosity. The dissonance harmony and counterpoint makes the chorus section on the song stick out. The enharmonic intervals are tastefully placed. The vocalist has great intonation and melodic movement in his note choices. This song has a strong country feel and every element was clear and precise."
"Unique thunderstorm start, although that does remind me of a Steps song... The song that come after is not what I expected, but it makes sense after the you hear the song. The lyrics of the song are well written, although slightly predictable. There is good beat behind the song, and the violin really adds a nice element to the song, especially the solo. musically the song is good. The vocalist if good with a nice range and a really good tone that suits this track really well. The country element is not to strong for it to be put off making the charts, so I think that this song has some good potential."

"The thunderstorm intro is neat and sets the tone nicely. The vocal delivery is great and there is a ton of emotion in the vocals. The lyrics are great and the entire track is very well composed. Country music fans will love this track. The music fits very well and the production quality is very high, nearly professional. The rhythm is well thought out and the bridge is exceptional. The piano and violin combination is great as well."

"Interesting start out with thunder, works well with the transition into country. Lyrics fit together well with the music. I really enjoy the vocals and the make up of the music. This feels like it could work out as a very popular song on the radio. A lot of repetition. Nice intermission around 3:00. Really love how the piano is worked into the song and the sounds of rain and thunder. Really complements the lyrics."
"Wow, this is a really good song. It sounds a little like something I have heard before. It's good though. The lyrics are familiar, but also distinctively different at the same time. The vocals are very attractive and sweet. He has a strong and confident voice. The overall production quality is really high. It's done tactfully and with expertise."
"The use of a thunderstorm to convey the song is about rain is very nicely done. Its very well constructed with how the lyrics explain that it's about to rain with the use of thunder. It's also interesting in that most country songs don't use those kinds of sound effects, other than Garth Brooks in Thunder Rolls. This is a good country dance song, and will make a good country hit!"
"The music kinda heavy and very fast beat. I don't really understand what is the song about something about the rain maybe. I like when the thunder sound is added into the song like something bad and scary about to happen. Kinda creepy."
"Very well mixed! Although I wasn't so keen on the thunder at the start; it is not needed. The course is very catchy and so easy to listen to and sing along to. I liked the instrumental part of the song at 1.35 it adds alot to the song and builds up nicely to the second course. One criticism is to maybe reduce the bass in the song to bring out the more technical instrumental elements in the song during the course."
"Very strong and loud instrumentals. They work very well in tandem with the strong and energetic vocals. Song is great, and would do good on a radio station. Depending on the locality may become a hit. Intro is perfect."
"This song reminds me of Garth Brooks' Thunder Rolls. Good lyrics with a catchy chorus. The instrumental is good. This the typical pop country song heard all over the country stations. I am sure those who like country will enjoy it."
"The beginning of the instrumental reminds me of Eminem's "Stan". Once the guitar started and once the singer began singing, I could tell it was a Country song. The singers do a good job of harmonizing. Their vocals are very good. The melody is catchy and I could see this being on the radio. It may even be a commercial success amongst the Country listeners."
"violinist was definitely in key and on note...piano/organ is definitely an attention grabber the vocalist did really good at harmonizing his vocals for the "oohs" and also other parts throughout the song. i loved how at 2:43 seconds of the song, it seemed as if the song was over but he brought it back with an un expecting break down. the drums and vocals were crispy! the sound effects of thunder in the intro and outro is amazing! the country feel of the organ/guitar/piano is luring and has high energy! the vocalist did really good at projecting his voice as well. No complaints on this song! This is really radio quality!"
"wow nice country song. I don't know where to begin. The special effects and thunder sound threw me off. But the rest of the sound was pure country. I loved it. The vocalist had a nice rich and deep voice for country or pop music, it was good. The music was hopping or blasting, I love all the beat. The piano and guitar were awesome together. The beat was non stop, it was catchy and easy to fall into. Just an awesome dance song. It was just great from the start to the finish."
"The sound effects in the beginning were very creative and really set the mood for the track and added a bit of mystery as to what was to come. As the music comes into play, there isn't much about it that really kept me entertained, besides the melody. I am not a fan of this genre, nor am I a fan of anything associated with it. I like the melody because there is a variety of sounds that I really enjoy. I love that the player of the drums has used the rim of the snare to make a beat. The clicking is a nice touch and adds power to the melody. Guitar is not distorted in any way and the sound is superb. The riff itself flows well with everything else that is going on around it. Violin is used a little too often in my opinion and it's too much noise for the variety of instruments I already hear. The piano adds a slight Jazz sound to the track that is very interesting. Each stroke of the key is upbeat and fast paced. As for the lyrics, they are too Country for me and there is nothing about them that jumps out at me or makes them different from other songs of this genre. They are slightly plain and boring and they do not hold my attention for very long. The vocalist is a great singer and he lacks an accent, which is great. His harmonies are smooth and on time. He knows exactly when to use the correct notes and that is always a plus. Personally, I would not listen to this, but there is tons of potential and it would attract a large audience."
"The lighting and thunder were a very interesting choice to open the song. However, then the song goes to a slight a-capella and then the male vocals come in and this song is just WOW! This song is the next level of good tunes. I loved the small drop at around 39 seconds into the song. I think it was really a nice touch. Also, the drums are effective, and I love the drop at around 1:03. The chorus of this song blends perfectly and it had me jamming and wanting to dance. This song is very unique because it blends rock with country and it even has some country in it. I also like the small solo for the string instrument at around 1:40 into the song. I think it was an interesting approach to the song to be like this. The singer had a very powerful voice and it blends perfectly with the upbeat tempo and the fast and in your face dynamics of this song."
"The artist has a very rich tone to his voice, as rich as the violin. both create the melody very well and keeps the listener entertained. I feel that although this song gets hectic at times, it is the right sort of hectic. It just contains a lot of elements to spice up the listening experience for listeners."
"This is a country rock song that is just flushing in with tons of chords that are hot and stable. The song is in a proud texture that is just winding into the chorus so fast. That is how the song is able to spike with a fever that is just expanding. This is music that has force and power that are drilling fast into the song's main themes. That is where the music is able to just jump and flow with a bass sound and list of spirited chords. This is music that does present a fast wash of melodies and drums that are just flashing with energy. The song is impressive and so sharp with sounds that drip and skip with tenacity. That is how the song is using violins and harmonica sounds to just fly with a newer and long ranging power. This is a song that is just filled up and slashing with a heat that is able to extend into the solos. This song is so bold and fun as it is able to really take off and show fans a special set of notes on the radio. This will be a solid and fast moving piece that just starts to jump with electric spots of soul. That is why the song will be a top seller with no flaws and troubles in finding success. This is music that is reaching to become a hot and fierce song."
"The song itself is catchy and the lyrics/vocalist are good. The backing singers really help compliment the main singer and the instruments chose were the right choice. I think this song could sell one day."
"The beginning of this song is interesting, it sounded like thunder, then an older country tune came in. It started to flow and it almost wanted to make you dance. The singers voice is great as well. That is one good country singer. The melody of the song, the pitch in the voice, and the tune, the tempo all fit together, I think it is a great song and I will rate it high. The tone and the melody, pitch all fit together, would definitely listen to this song again."
"Love the start of the song with the thunder because it also features in the lyrics which I feel are very well written. The vocalist singing the song has a fantastic voice and fits perfectly in with this song. He brings a lot to the song and certainly makes it better. I felt the instrumental segments of the song were absolutely amazing and stood out brilliantly. This song has rain pouring down which makes me love it even more. The song also has energy and a really good melody that stands high and mighty above most songs. The length of the song is about 4 and a half minutes but I think that's perfect. Also the rhythm of this track is something special and I have to say I really loved it. This could be a massive hit because I for one would definitely buy it and I usually don't like the country type music but this had something other tracks don't."