"country and soul is awsome. the I like the beat and the lyrics. this song has great sound. the length of the music has an up-beat to it. this song has a great band with the right words. I rate this song a 9"
"The intro is awesome and catchy, nice build up of dynamics, great guitars! The male singer fits over the song very well, the drum beat ties it together. The female singer compliments the song very well too. Their voices sound so useful. The lyrics are very solid. It sounds like a very interesting new breed of modern country that I am excited to hear. I do not know much about the pop country scene but I have high hopes for this songs commercial value."
"This song makes me feel like I'm watching a trucking movie from the 90s. I don't know much about country music, but the beat and melody sounds great, everything sounds good together. I think the girl is singing too high when she's singing alone, and doesn't match your voice. so when it switches over to her, it's a little weird.. you can see how she lowers her voice a lot when you guys sing together. she should keep her voice at a tone where it transitions smoothly from you to her. Again, I'm not familiar with country music, so I'm not sure if this is what newer country music sounds like, or if this is something that will become commercially successful in the near future. This does sound like a catchy melody, though. One of those songs that people will be singing randomly, even if they don't know who the band playing is, they'll know the words and the melody."

"Great country song. Im not a fan of country music but from what I hear the song sounds good. It's recorded at a great energetic pace. The production quality is suitable for anyone of all ages. Everything is mixed and mastered well. The hook sounds amazing and I love the country/rock feel of the song. I can clearly understand the lyrics very well. The bass guitar is a bit over processed but the guitars in the song makes the music and lyrics blend well. This is a very good song and I'd recommend anyone to listen to it."

"This song has a ton of energy. Its a good country beat! Its a song sung by a duo with interesting lyrics. The song is easy to sing along with and catchy. Another song I can enjoy alone in the car or with my children!"
"This is exactly what I would expect to hear from a mainstream country song. I really like the vocals a lot. The guy and girl blend together really well, better than many long term professionals I've heard, even. There could be more melody though, as opposed to both parts singing unison on the harmony. The instruments worked really well together too. There was one instrument, I couldn't tell if it was a guitar or keyboard, but it seemed to dominate the sound and almost drown everything out. Turning it down a bit would do wonders. I also really liked the guitar solo in the middle. The song could be a bit longer if you want it to make it to the radio, I think. Maybe add another verse or two. The artist definitely knew what they were doing, it sounds very professional. It just needs a little extra."
"The beat of this song is great. Love the lead vocals as well as the harmonies are great, especially the runs in the chorus. The instrumental breaks are really powerful and the arrangement is great. Both voices male and female are pleasing to the ear and blend well on the chorus."
"This track already sounds like a hit. The intro is engaging and makes you stop to listen. The male vocals are attractive and gives the mental image of the "sexy country boy". The female vocalist, While seldomly heard from, is beautiful. The background melody is well constructed and seaways from verses to chorus smoothly."
"Intriguing introduction, made me want to continue to listen. I liked the transition into the lyrics and vocals. I liked the vocals and the lyrics as well, they went along well with the melody and the song flowed well. I enjoyed the fact that it was a duo but the male voice was much stronger than the females."
"I like the melody of the song very upbeat. It has meaningful lyrics. I will definitely play this song with friends.The tone that both artist uses is very energetic and gives people energy through their words."
"music has too much noise in the background when the time it came where all the music came all together. Vocals are good, only the instruments when they all come together in the background whereas the singer is left in the background. over all the song is a good one."
"High energy, true gritty-dirty country sprit in this song right from the beginning. The call and response setup in this song was kind of surprising and even though I am not a fan of country I enjoyed this track. The song is full of hooks and it keeps upping the musical ante by adding different musical elements/instruments at the perfect points. Even the guitar solo, which I am never a fan of guitar soloing, fits right into the song seamlessly. Usually the problem with many guitar solos, in my opinion, make the fit the guitar solo in; not the case here. This solo, which has such a sharp bluesy edge, comes in and goes out and doesn't take too long to do so. The vocal hooks are there from the beginning and the lyrical story line pulls you in. I think this is a band/artist we'll be seeing more of in the future and on a grander scale."
"This track has a great sense of energy about it. The instruments are clean and crisp and compliment each other to produce a catchy sound. The vocals are a nice blend of pop precision and country drawl, and the duet tactic really works well."
"The guitar strumming on this track has some real flair to it, and this gives the track a very funky and stylish feel. I think the vocalist has a quite pure sounding voice, and this makes the track feel quite pure and tender. The female vocalist has a good voice too, and the two combined gives the track a good sense of feeling. I think the lyrics are well written, and the story of the two young lovers is good. The line 'But I can't let go... 'cos I'm from Memphis', adds to the traditional country style of the track. The fast pace of this song works really well, and the song has a nice feel and flow to it."
"I like the melody of this song. I like how all the musical instruments come together to create a great rhythm that supports the lyrics. The lyrics are sung by the vocalists with passion. You get the feeling that they like what they are doing. The lyrics are enjoyable. They make sense and I am sure that they would play well on the radio."
"I like the lyrical story about Beale street and Memphis Tennessee. He vocally came on like a live performer, rocking this jam with the female artist, who too came on live with the track. This is an awesome record, melody and rhythm. I am from Memphis and you know I like the hook and how it rocked."
"Starts off a little like a rough country melody. As the song goes on it gets a bit more upbeat but still rough. I like the fact that the singer has a nice country twang he sounds similar to Garth Brookes and the female has a lovely country voice. I think they work very good as a duet and could go very far in the country world. This song has nice lyrics and makes sense I like the fact that it is talking about Elvis Presley. Also this song would be a great addition to any country radio station. Overall pretty great country song! I hope to hear it on the radio because these two vocalist seem like a good team!"
"I think that the lyrics and the singing that was in the song were a little weird. They sounded like people trying to sing through a crowd of people in the beginning. The thing was that, the rest of the melody and the singing turned out to be really good. It was a lot more smooth and really county! I loved it!"
"Country music, with great guitar sound. Vocalist is very strong, with an exceptional style. Added female artist is also talented. They harmonize well, and are a good duet, as well as excelling as solo vocalists."
"The intro to this song has a banging and rocking beat! I absolutely love it. Both the male and female artists have a unique country twang to their vocals. They sound professional and show emotion. The melody is perfect. The drums and different use of guitars blend well together. The harmony is soulful. The lyrics are powerful and makes me want to sing along."