"Nice simple pure riff on the guitar at the start. And piano is a nice addition. the vocals are gorgeous, sumptuous and for falling in love with. Lovely voice and great lyrics. The kind that you know what's coming next but in a good way because you can join in. The female voice too is nice. It's stark and empty yet full at the same time. You do well at fully understanding what you're saying. I really like this. It's not normally my kind of music but I still enjoy it regardless."
"Nice warming guitar sound is well placed together with other instruments such as organ and piano. Male vocal has great voice and it is charming. Soft voice and gradual movement is good for the voice. Following female voice is a bit stronger than male to form good contrast for the song. Lyrics are well written and clearly presented by both vocals with great harmony. The music is based on country style but no problem to express the emotion of the song properly. Interim instrumental plays are good to fill the space between vocal and music. Recording is performed very professionally and all instruments and voices are well placed and the volumes are well adjusted. Also various effects are lightly applied to the song to provide great feeling of the song. It is nice song to listen to by anyone and any groups."
"I think the two artist sing really well together. This is a lovely country duet with awesome lyrics. Both artist were awesome. I think this would do awesome on the current county music charts. The lyrics to this song was very meaningful and beautiful love store. The two artist should continue to work together as they do an awesome job as a team! Great job!"
"Soft banjo and guitar in the beginning of this song. The singer comes in with a soft country tone, the lyrics are about him being wrong for being so mean and getting mad, so you can tell it is a broken heart song. Or a revenge song, I love when they mix the man and woman's vocals it makes a beautiful duet and tells two sides of the story. Its a wonderful duet and song."
"The finger picking in the beginning with the piano accent the singers voice great. The singer has a very mellow and relaxing voice. the 2 singers voices harmonize very well together throughout the song. The lyrics are very understandable and powerful esp. when they sing together. Th drum lines are right on key with the guitars and piano through out the entire song."
"This song is reminiscent of most knit gritty, broken heart country songs, but the harmonies are beautifully done and the twang of the guitar keeps the listener invested enough in the song to keep on until the end. It would be nice to hear other songs by the band and see where they go in the future, as this is certainly not the best thing they have produced."
"The instrumentals are very enjoyable. The vocals and instrumentals compliment each other almost perfectly. The vocals alone are very ear appealing. It was a pleasant surprise to have the female vocalist added in. The vocalists' harmony with one another is surprisingly blissful. The overall melody is very nice. The lyrics work well with the composition of the song. Overall, great arrangement of vocals and instrumentals. Very impressive instrumentals. Thank you. Great job."
"This sounded like a gospel/country song for a minute, but after listening for a bit, its really not bad. The girl really brought something to the song for me. I'd listen to this again."
"The lyrics really need some more descriptive and less common words. The voices are really nice I could see the female voice especially moving on as a pop country star. The way this song is going though it doesn't seem likely that it will become a hit. The harmony between you both sounds very nice though. The lyrics are really distracting because I can easily guess what you will sing next. Experiment with your voices and sound and see what can happen. You both sound very talented."
"the song started out a little slow. however, the lyrics told a story. it was something you could relate to. it wasint too bad. the tempo was slow and that was a drawback. also, i loved how both voices came together in this track. i like to hear the male and then the female. their voices were beautiful, however, the tempo was slow. its not a bad song. it has little potential."
"I love the peaceful begining. It is a very calming tempo and rhythm. This is a very emotional song already and is very heart taking. It tells a story and the musicians have the perfect harmony together. This is the best kind of music. They are going to be a big hit."
"I love the lonely instrumentation of the guitar in this track, the sad guitar sounds. I would love to hear some sorrowful violin in a few places in the song. I also enjoyed hearing both voices separately and the blend of them together. I liked the different meaning used for the phrase, "even now." I think it's a solid, sad, pity-party tune, and I would listen to it."
"The vocals are great and work well with one another, the soulful guitar melody fits their voices well, my only issue is that the genre of music this song would be categorized under is not one I would generally choose to listen to, I do however enjoy the guitar and piano, but the beat is far too simplistic and in the background."
"The guitar playing on this track is really nice, the picking pattern has a very warm feel to it, and this is embellished with the sound of the piano, and the vocals. The vocalist has a very lovely, clear and pure tone to his voice. This gives the song a slightly sad feel, and conveys the emotion of the lyrics. The female vocalist has a a really strong voice, the high sections feel quite striking, and compliments the male vocals really well."
"This song started off sounding boring and depressing. The guitar part of lifeless and dull. The vocalist sounded very ordinary. He holds his notes well, and with good pitch, but there is nothing special. When the female vocalist entered the song, I thought it sounded very corny. It reminded me of a sixth grade dance slow song. The song did not come across as original sounding. The beat and tempo were very boring and sleepy. It's not a song I would care to hear again."
"I was really loving the country tone that this song had. I love the melody because it was nice and slow and it was also meaningful. I think that the lyrics of the song are really touching, too. I think that this song would go perfectly on the radio. I think that more people need to hear something like this. It is really nice."
"this song has a good introduction it smooth and not blareing. this is a nice soft country song. there is nothing about this song that should be changed at all. the insturments in this song really go together."
"The light stroking of keys opened this song into a heart felt love song that any audience will relate to. The artist didn't sing that old country song like the normal country singer. The female artist implanted on the track was a very nice addition considering she has a very powerful voice. The female artist belted out high notes with ease holding on to every key and riding the beat. The male artist has a gentle masculine tone that gives the track a feel of comfort and real life situations. The duo rang out vocals in perfect concord and showed their versatility in the way they conducted their melodious string of lyrics. The song has a ravishing impact that identifies with anyone who has ever been in love. I like the simplicity of the beat and the lyrics. The beat was simple with very few sounds stemming from the track. Each sound was designed and placed with the theme of the song and the sound of each artist. The artist ripped this track singing in perfect harmony and relaying a soothing tale of their history. This song will most definitely be a chart topper with a lasting number one position. These artists know exactly what they're doing and know how to work well together. This was a cheerful country song that will be enjoyed by any audience and likely be a highly requested tune in various settings of country music lovers. Great job."
"the harmony has me feeling so good it puts out a strong feeling of peace. the vocals are way to good. the 2 together singing sound so good like they were made to sing together as 1.the lyrics have a powerful message and thats going to make this song a hit. the melody had a perfect mix of sound.the rhythm made the song flow along very nice. this song is great excelent work."
"There is a lot of country and pop influences in the vocal delivery. I think the male and female vocals complement each other pretty well. The track might be a little overly produced, but that is usually the case with this genre of music. The strings and drums are pretty straight ahead country pop style and are kind of uninspiring."