"this song went completely the opposite way from what i thought it would. the first 15 seconds i was excepting it to be a soft ballad and then it burst into an incredible country number. great lyrics and lovely voice, until 1 minute and 50 seconds i didn't think it could get any better, i was wrong. the only thing that could beat the song after that point was the voice of the second vocalist - he was amazing, really fresh and pure. i would recommend this song to everyone."
"This distinct voice, accompanied by the steady beat of a drum and each strum of the guitar, releases a dramatic flair that has the listener craving for more. Overall, this track is exceptionally constructed in a way that makes Indie rockers and Alternative lovers truly hit the replay button greedily. Nice music, vocal tone, and lyrics balance throughout this track. Creating a very enjoyable experience listening to this song."
"The melody of this song is very tuneful and well shaped. Her vocals is very appealing and how it goes up and high in the chorus line. She has a very amazing voice. The lyrics is very heart warming, the guys voice is heart warming also. I absolutely love the duet and the harmonizing on key and meaningful. The instrument is well balanced and exiting this band is totally skillful."
"This song starts of like an old classical band piece then changes quickly into female lead country sounding song. Very good harmony with backup male singer. Good chemistry between the singers. I could see this song being a cross over pop country tune. Second verse is sung by the male voice. Both vocals are very strong and good. Well done!"
"This song is horrible. Another country music duet paining two singers against each other in a storytelling battle about the crazy happening of a world they are just coming to understand. Throw in a twangy guitar and a fiddle over a simple basic drum beat and you got yourself a clich country song. Grab your romeo shoes, cut off jeans and wicker cowboy hat, throw it on and run through a sunset holding hands while you share ear buds together and listen to this song. If that's too cheesy for you, you wont lik ethis song."
"The beginning of the track reminds me of loss or some sort of displacement, but as the song progressed the song picked up pace and energy. The song really reflects the mood set with instrumental. Really nice spin. The vocal range of artist was really nice. Clear and precise audio with nice duo. Really nice selection. Great listening."
"When I heard the first chord of the song I thought it was going to be different. Sadly it's tone is normal but definitely not in a bad this song is definitely catchy enough to be a hit. It's content is good and the singer is too. Compared to other songs I like it. Because I don't really like this type of "acoustic guitar" type music that is similar to country I can't give it a ten or a nine, but that purely is a matter of personal preference. I could see this being a hit on country stations because the song fits that niche."
"The merge from the intro to the song felt a little bit awkward. The vocals are rich and warm for sure, and clear. The melody/rhythm has a great tone which holds the song really well throughout and is a great baseline for the vocals. the lyrics are also very heart warming and inspiring. The instrumental accompaniment is great and is not overpowering, it is well balanced giving he song great life. This is well accomplished and the two singers naturally fit well together. This would be very popular and I would like to hear this on my radio for sure. The sound quality was great throughout too."
"The introduction to this song is interesting, with a classical piece fading into a country and western backing track. The singers have an impressive voice, and the lyrics are well thought out. The music is professional sounding and well performed. That said, I believe the classical start to be needless, and I think the song should be shortened by a minute or so to avoid it dragging on too much."
"This has great potential. It sounds like Little Big Town and alot f the popular country being played on the radio. The sound is good and they sing it right but I feel like it isnt that unique. The beginning kind of through me off as it really doesnt go with the rest of the song. I think it needs work. It could be played on any country station but it just sounds so much like what I have been hearing as of late that it may fall through the cracks. Good work on the song. There is nothing wrong with it except for it sounding like everything else."
"the voiolin in the intro sounds very soothing however gives a serious but perfessional feeling to the song. i loved how the violin fades into the drum beat which works effectivly and gives the tempo and more upbeat feel. the two instruments work well together within this musical arrangment. her vocal has a real warm feel to it and her tone is very clear. his vocal also had a very clear and stylish tone to it and they compliment each perfectly. te song has slight rock feelng but with a country influence wich would make the song appeal to a larger audience."
"This is a great song! The intro is strong. The female singer's voice is well-matched for this song. It is one of those songs that makes you want to sway with the music. The singers are matched well with their voices. Great annunciation! Great back beat. Great dynamics."
"The violin in the beginning is great the kick drum sounds great with the rhythm of this song as well. The lyrics are loud and very strong the guitar and bass guitar are right on key together throughout the entire song. Lyrics are catchy and people can def. relate with them. The singer does a great job keeping the upbeat tempo as well this most def. is a song people will dance to all night in bars, pubs as well as live concerts and even at home listening to it on the radio. even the younger generation as well as older generation will like this song its very powerful."
"This song is great. There voices are perfect together. I would listen to this song over and over. I would buy this song!! i think this song would be a hit in the country gene. They could sing a little more separate not all together and at once, have them sing on there own once in awhile."
"The harmonica sounds that opened the beginning, teamed with the violin sounds were confusing and just didn't sound like it fitted in with the rest of the sounds really. I thought the structure and direction needs to be clear and obvious. I thought the vocalist was echoy, and you need to ensure there is more strength with the singing. I think the lack of clarity and power of the words needed to be better all round to make the song sound popular."
"This record starts with the lovely sound of the violin, that sound does wonders to the ears. The artist has a light voice and it travels through the track. The males has a voice that makes your chest vibe and that is a great thing. The woman's voice takes this track through many great highs and brilliant lows. This record fills your ears will outstanding sound. The artist held her note so long that it took my breath away. I fell in love with record and I look forward to hearing more from the artists."
"At first this song started like it could have been a decent song. I like the beat and all, but the vocals are a little too strong for the beat. I don't think it flows too well together. The two vocalists do sound well together maybe if they had a little bit more of an upbeat. It would have made this song a little more interesting too my ears. But I did not like this song choice."
"I really liked the string instrumentals that were in the melody of this tune. I think that they sounded kind of somber in their tone, especially in the beginning. But when the bass and treble of the music came in, things started to sound a lot better. I think that the vocals are nice and even sounding, too. I think that this song and this singer has a lot of potential."
"The introduction of this song contains instrumentals that are very pretty but do not really match the rest of the song. This should probably be removed to increase the quality of the song as a whole. The instrumentals are supportive and strong toward the vocals. The vocals have a nice country twang to them and a nice tone. The chorus in this song is very strong and is a definate hook in the song. This song has so many great qualities but the intro needs to be changed."
"the interduction was really nice and outgoing. this song is balenced and under stand able.the lyrics make sencne. the vocals sound great and very intresting. the rhythm is very well done and good filling."